With a previous career in wildlife biology, a passion for health and fitness and a zest for travel, Sarah Phelps takes her life experiences and channels them into the art she creates. Her abstract paintings have depth and soul, capture movement and evoke feeling and thought through texture and color. Her paintings come in various sizes and formats, primarily acrylic and mixed media on wood panel and canvas, and her works range from ambient to edgy. Each piece tells a story that is created by the viewer, from their past experiences, present emotion, and future unknowing. Sarah’s pieces are intriguing and evoke curiosity in the viewer. Like curious little love affairs.

Sarah has divided her artworks into 4 series that form her unique art practice: momentum, dream, edgy urban and ambient. Momentum series represents the natural flow, momentum, and forward motion in one’s journey of life and is characterized by long strokes and circular shapes that are hurdles, victories, and life lessons. Her dream series takes the mind to a mysterious and fantastical place where the wildest and most unimaginable dreams come true. The edgy urban series exhibits boldness through shapes and colors, and represents risk, taking chances, living your truth and passion. Lastly, her ambient series plays with the heart and the mind, using color, texture, and energy to calm the viewer and take them to a place of peace and utopia. 

Abstraction finds its roots in artists' intuition and freedom to use imagination when looking beyond what we can physically see. Sarah uses abstract art to freely communicate visually and to translate intangible emotions onto the canvas. She believes that her paintings are and will hold the viewers’ interest due to the tension she creates between representation and abstraction – she makes her works playful and provocative. By expressing a certain feeling and emotion while making artwork, Sarah is creating an environment for the viewer to communicate their emotions and ideas about life. All they need is an open mind and a wandering imagination. 

Among Sarah’s many solo and group shows, she has exhibited her works at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris France, and two shows in Italy. Her paintings have also been featured in the Globe & Mail, Toronto’s CityLine morning show, Houzz, various publications, and a New York art competition. Among Sarah’s many collectors, some are celebrities as well as international collectors. Sarah’s studio & gallery is located in Toronto’s impressive and beautiful historic distillery district.

Studio & Gallery Address: 15 Case Goods Lane, Distillery District, Toronto (book gallery appointment)

Insta: @inspiresarah

artist in water

Photo by Jay Crews




"I like your paintings because each one appears to originate in a distinct mood or idea.  I understand when you write about the inspiration of the natural world, not just because I share that muse, but because I see it in your work.  Each piece, whether bright, open and airy, or dark and close, seems to capture some real physical and emotional experience.  I see the real, personal investment in the arrangement of colour, in the movement, in the use of space.  In short, your work gives me genuine pleasure.  Thanks for that.

Nick Stow


"In this climate where there is really a need for positivity and some sense of hopefulness, I would like to take "Beyond the Sky".  I think the beauty and spirit that is evident in your work, in all of your pieces but especially this one, will create a feeling of optimism and hope that may inspire me to do some good in the world.”

- Melanie Webb


We hung “In the wind” today and we are very happy with it. It looks great!

- Kilian Whelan


“Spectacular!!! Can’t wait to see them live.”

- Marc Anthony


"I just wanted you to know how much we love our newest painting. It is beautiful and perfect in its place. Thank you for painting it and choosing us as the new owners.”

- Roma Hutsulka